Self-diagnosis for evil eye

What is evil eye?

The evil eye refers to when one person harms another by means of the eye. Ibn Al-Qayyim said: “The origin of the evil eye is liking something, then the evil soul follows it, pursues it and seeks to do harm to it, seeking help to apply its poison by looking at the object.” Ibn Manzoor said: “It is said “So-and-so was struck by the evil eye” if an enemy or an envious person looks at him and he is affected by that and becomes ick as a result.” Al-Haafiz ibn Hajar said: “What is meant by the evil eye is looking at something with admiration contaminated with envy from one who is evil in nature so it results in harm.” There are a lot of evidence from the Quran and Hadith regarding the evil eye. It is recommended to read articles about the evil eye from this website for more information.

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Is the evil eye put by intentionally looking in an envious way?

A person can put evil eye intentionally or unintentionally. Evil eye can be touched by the envier who envies or intentionally putting evil eye by looking or causing evil eye unintentionally through words or a look. For instance, if someone says to a child “Oh! how pretty is this child!” or “This kid is so cute!” speaking in this manner surprisingly or not, say “Maa Shaa Allah (By the Will of Allah/ As Allah Willed)”. Not saying “Maa Shaa Allah” might cause the child to be touched by the evil eye. We must believe that the evil eye itself can only be touched by the Will of Allah. Moreover, the evil eye can be put by humans as well as Jinn.

How to recognise when touched by the evil eye?

Evil eye can be recognised in two ways. They are:
1. Symptoms
2. Through Ruqya

Evil eye can be recognised in two ways. They are:
1. Symptoms
2. Through Ruqya

1. Recognising the effect of evil eye through symptoms: The symptoms vary for different people when touched by the evil eye. Hence, some evil eye are effected without having enough time to go for further treatment. For example, dying immediately after being touched by the evil eye or something or a place being destroyed. The other situation is having enough time to treat the evil eye when afflicted by it. For example, saying to a child “he eats very well” and the child doesn’t eat well after that or someone gets sick or one’s skin being harmed.
Some symptoms of evil eye in a situation where it can be treated:
1. Having an unusual pain in the eye
2. Burning sensation in the eye
3. Heat emitting from the eye
4. Water coming from the eyes often
5. Blinking the eyes rapidly
6. Yellowing of the eyes or greenish colour (especially in children)
7. Headache
8. Heat emitting from the backside or the backside especially perspiring always
9. Feeling lethargic unknowingly/ always feeling lethargic
10. Something which you were doing before but after someone complimented you, you became unable to do it
11. Loss in a task or a thing after someone complimented it or the person who received the compliment getting sick
12. Unusual itching in the body
13. Redness of the skin, itching, unusual pimples and being unable to treat with medication
14. When a baby is touched with evil eye, it will cry excessively, lack of sleep at night, loss of appetite or unable to breast-feed well
These are some of the main symptoms noticed. Anything is possible to happen due to evil eye. The symptoms are shortened due to a possibility of suspicion and doubt while reading the symptoms thus only including the main symptoms. The signs and symptoms of a Jinn possessed person can be normally seen from a person if the person is touched by the evil eye from a jinn.

Note:Symptoms effected physically to the body might also be due to a medical reason. Thus, do not rely upon one symptom and believe it is an effect of evil eye. However, one can decide that it is the evil eye if the person suffers most of the symptoms, if the symptoms worsen while reciting Ruqya or if it is not a medical issue.

2. Through reciting Ruqya: Mentioned below are a combination of some supplications from the Sunnah and supplications derived from Quranic verses made into a short Ruqya. Repeatedly recite this Ruqya for self-diagnose of evil eye. Or recite this Ruqya near a person suspected of being touched by the evil eye. Thus recite this seven times or any other odd amount. It is not a must to recite 7 times. Discontinue the Ruqya if symptoms appear after reciting once, twice or thrice. If there is any disturbance while reciting this Ruqya, then it is ensured that the person is touched by the evil eye. Some symptoms which might appear while reciting this Ruqya are:
1. Excruciating pain in the eye
2. Water flowing from the eyes
3. Strange itchiness in the body
4. Heat emitting from the backside or waist
5. Feeling heavy in the head or headache
6. Stomach ache or pain in other parts of the body
If any symptoms occur while the recitation of this Ruqya, or if any disturbance occur which wasn’t there before the start of the Ruqya, then it is ensured that the person is touched by the evil eye. Treatment for evil eye and Ruqya for evil eye are included in this website.

Note: The structure of the supplications in this Ruqya are directed for one’s own self.
May Allah save us from the evil eye, calamities and other illnesses. May Allah guide and grant best use of this Ruqya for the hopeless people and people effected with evil eye.
It was narrated that Abu Dharr (radi’allahu anhu) said: the messenger of Allah (sallalahu alayhi wasallam) said:

إِنَّ الْعَيْنَ لَتُولِعُ بِالرَّجُلِ بِإِذْنِ اللَّهِ ، حَتَّى يَصْعَدَ حَالِقًا ثُمَّ يَتَرَدَّى مِنْهُ

“The evil eye may follow a man by Allah’s Leave, until he climbs up a high mountain then falls form it.”


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