Ruqya (Recitation of Islamic prayer formulas) for warding off Evil Eye

Please refer to the articles about Evil eye in this website for the reality and information about Evil eye. I will be sharing with you Islamic prayer formulas to recite over a person affected with evil eye. Moreover the person afflicted with evil eye can use these Islamic prayer formulas (Ruqyas) or just anyone to simply diagnose for evil eye. While reciting this prayer you might notice tears falling from your eyes, headache, itching, fatigue and emission of heat from the back side can prove that the person is affected with evil eye or envy.


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Recite these prayers over the patient for treatment. If the patient wants to treat on their own, recite these prayers often. In addition to that, it can also be recited during the day, evening and at night time. As a treatment, reciting these prayers to water and performing ablution (starting from the head, until the water has touched every part of the body) with it is significant. Moreover recite these prayers and blow to olive oil during the day, evening and night, smearing it on the body. Continue this treatment. If the evil eye is cured, one will not be disturbed by reciting these prayers. By the Will of Allah the Evil eye will be warded off. May Allah grant you cure from these Ruqyas!

  1. 1. Ruqya for warding off Evil Eye

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